Participants will have a wide range of options for the e-business plan. Below are some ideas:An exploratory e-business plan for a proposed new online business including Web site, shopping cart, portal, etc. An e-business plan to manage employees, point of sale, or customer relations A plan to move existing business activities such as accounting, inventory, communications to the Cloud An e-business plan for developing a specific aspect of the business such as a Web site, payment systems, marketing, social media or mobile devicesWeek 1 paper. Introduction and Purpose. The first step in the project is to select an idea for an e-commerce proposal that you would like to research and possibly. This will probably be the most difficult step in the process.Below are some general suggestions for the format of the week 1 paper. These should be considered only as suggestions, not an outline. Tailor your paper to the issue of your interest.Introduction and background of the existing business. Description of your e-commerce objectives The purpose of your paper. The purpose should be a one-sentence statement such as, ?The purpose of this proposal is to?? or ?The purpose of this proposal is to address the research question??? Research methods; what you will do in to research your topic. Why your proposal is relevant, needed, useful, etc
December 14, 2017
Health Insurance Expansion
December 14, 2017

Write a formal critique on any one work of art from the 19th or 20th century from your book. Remember a formal critique deals with form, what you see. It does not include content. Write it in paragraph form using good sentence structure and remember to include the following: Identification: Include title, artist, date, medium, and size Description: What do you see? (Hint: elements of design) Formal Analysis: Examine the composition, how is it arranged, (hint principles of design) Interpretation: What is being communicated in this work? How is it relevant to the time and place in which it was made? Evaluation: Was this work successful, and WHY?


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