disscussion paper
March 30, 2021
organizational structure project the effects of operational structure in the workplace
March 30, 2021


Assignment is five full pages, double-spaced with normal margins.

Choose one of our course readings in syllabus or propose any other reading you may prefer.

Copy-paste will discount points or could cancel the entire assignment.

Deadline is May 12-18.

If you are in doubt, do not wait to the last moment to ask professor.

If you quote, you must include in References: author last and first name, title, city, publisher, date.

In the first line you will write your first and last names and title. Use only one line. Abbreviate if necessary.

Must present and develop substantial ideas based on the course reading and subjects.

No more that 10% of quoting is allowed when properly done.

No remakes will be accepted.

Repetition of same ideas will discount points.

The five pages must be written: no empty spaces, no subtitles.

Use a Times New Roman 12 font.

Work in a Word document and then upload it to the Assignment box.



that’s the link to the book it’s free 








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The post Write a five page book review. It can be any history of Puerto Rico; cultural, economic, political, social, etc. Check out the bibliography in the course syllabus. You can also ask the professor for a suggested reading. For rubric, see instructions. appeared first on Topnursingtutors.com.

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