professional relationship fosters more broken professional relationships to in turn damage the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization.
June 23, 2019
general processes involved in analyzing research data.
June 23, 2019

Part I: Complete this Coalition Campaign Using Volunteers WorksheetPreview the document.

  • Top portion of the Coalition Campaign Using Volunteers Worksheet:
    • Research a real-life example of a health coalition (either one in  your community or from researching on your own), and complete the top  portion of the worksheet.
  • Bottom portion of worksheet:
    • Create a health campaign title for a project that would align with  this coalition (You can make one up or use an existing campaign from  that coalition).
    • Describe the campaign purpose (you can make it up or use an existing  campaign. Please do not copy text from your research. You must  paraphrase your work).
    • Outline a volunteer recruitment plan.
      • How will you find them?
      • Who is your target?
      • How will you attract them to this project? (For your information, you have no money, so no pay)
    • Outline volunteer activities/jobs (job titles and descriptions will be sufficient).
    • Outline volunteer engagement activities.
      • How will you keep them interested, engaged, and willing to work for free?

Part II: Create a campaign volunteer recruitment piece (flier,  postcard/mailer, brochure, or any other material you desire – see  Chapter 9 of your textbook for ideas). You are not creating this to  attract people to the campaign cause/purpose, you are creating this  piece to help recruit volunteers who will help you implement the entire  campaign. Take note of your volunteer recruitment plan and use that to  guide your work. Ask yourself about the appropriateness of your piece  for your target volunteers: Is a flier appropriate? How about a Facebook  message or Facebook page? What about an advertisement in the paper?  Critically think through this before deciding on what piece you select  to develop.

In the discussion forum, attach both the worksheet and your  recruitment piece to your post. Make sure you list all references in the  discussion forum text box. They do not need to be included in the  worksheet or the marketing piece.

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