In addition to entertaining us, movies offer detailed portrayals of human social behavior. Your task in this assignment is to analyze — from a social-psychological perspective — the behaviors and ev
June 9, 2021
Final Research Paper [WLO: 3] [CLOs: 1, 3, 4, 5] Prior to beginning work on this assignment, please review your feedback from the Week 3 Assignment: Summarize Your Sources for the Final Research Paper
June 9, 2021

-Reply each at least 150 words.

-Your posts should specifically ADDRESS the QUESTION(s), but it should also advance the conversation between you(own thoughts) and your classmates(discussion board). By this I mean your posts should include ideas that have not already been explicitly discussed by the discussion board, offer an alternative way of thinking about something that has already been discussed, or a consideration of the implication of a classmates post.

-Each post should include at least one reference to the primary text.

-Contributions to class discussions should be supported by references to texts and, if relevant, class blog posts and discussions.


1. Why You Should Have Children

2. Why You Should Not Have Children


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