Select three of the five prompts below, and then discuss how the Framework for 21st Century Learning can be applied to each prompt using specific examples of the actions you would take to apply the framework.
October 8, 2018
Use an idea web to free associate on that moment or idea. Look for a central image to use (a story to tell, a metaphor to expand, or a symbol to focus on).
October 8, 2018

Where to Educate?
If you were a parent of a child diagnosed with a behavior problem caused by a neurological disorder such as bipolar, ADHD, or sensory processing disorder, would you want your child to be educated in the general classroom with typically-developing or non-disabled peers, or in a smaller, more restrictive environment where there is a smaller teacher-to-student ratio with other children who have similar disabilities? Provide a rationale for your decision and use outside resources to support your perspective. List at least three intervention strategies you would use, as a teacher, to include this student in your classroom. Be sure to write which age/grade-level you’ve chosen, along with the appropriate behavior intervention strategies.

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