March 17, 2021
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March 17, 2021

What Would You Like to Explore?

In this Scholar of Change video,
Benjamin Isaac, Walden Doctor of Education student and 2014 Scholar of
Change, is creating an animated show to inspire children with special
needs. As you observe, take notes using the Video Field Notes Guide. 

Once you have watched this week’s Scholar of Change video, you have
the opportunity to reflect on how that student merged their academic
studies with their passion for making a difference. In this Discussion,
you have an opportunity to start that journey, to consider a topic you
would like to explore. 

For this Discussion, you will explore topics in your discipline of
interest to you that you want to research using a qualitative approach.

To prepare for this Discussion:

· Review the Learning Resources related to qualitative research.

· Consider a topic in your discipline that is of interest to you.
This could come from a prior course or something from your work or
personal setting for which you have a passion.

By Day 4

Based on your initial understanding of qualitative research, post a
description of the topic you chose in terms of how it could be
conceptualized as a qualitative study. Include:

1. What is the phenomenon of interest? 

2. What experiences or contextual issues might influence how this phenomenon could be studied? 

3. In what setting(s) could a topic like this be explored? 

4. What connection do you have to this topic, and why do you think it is important to explore this as a qualitative study?

5. What possibilities could the results of this research have for social change?

Be sure to support your main post and response post with
reference to the week’s Learning Resources and other scholarly evidence
in APA style.


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