Choose one Evidence Based Practice model that could guide change nursing practice. Locate one peer reviewed article in which this model was used to implement Evidence Based Practice. Discuss why this model was the best fit for a change in practice. Describe barriers that encountered and include ideas how to overcome them.
January 30, 2019
Using Bardach (2012) eight step process to complete a policy analysis on the use of Nurse practitioners in the emergency room. Your position is for using them in the emergency room to help improve flow and patient wait time. Step 1: Defining the Problem Step 2: Assemble the Evidence
January 30, 2019

what possible needs should be considered when teaching skills to a group of diverse learners? 

Theory Versus Theory Versus Theory

Prior to engaging in this discussion, please read the “Constructivism in Theory and Practice,” (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. “Rona’s Story and the Theory of Symbolic Interactionism,” and “Symbolic Interactionism and Critical Perspective” articles, and review any relevant Instructor Guidance. This guidance can be very helpful as it may include strategies that support your preferred learning.

  1. Demonstrate your understanding of the complexities of how we learn by evaluating the potential correlations between symbolic interactionism and constructivism.
  2. Apply basic research methods in psychology to your post by synthesizing the principles from the articles in your own words with appropriate citations.
    • Do not quote the articles directly.
  3. Based on your course resources, scholarly articles, and the knowledge you have developed throughout the past four weeks, critically consider how/if these correlations might affect a person’s ability and/or willingness to learn new material.
    • Consider the following in your analysis:
      • Symbolic interactionism is actually a theory posed in sociological psychology. Do you believe this theory can be aligned with the framework of constructivism, which originates from learning psychology? Why, or why not? Support your statements with scholarly research and personal examples. View this great tutorial provided by the Ashford University Library which will show you how to find scholarly articles and how to assess the scholarly quality of the resource.
      • In your opinion, what prevents (or substantiates) their correlation?
      • Based on these theories, what possible needs should be considered when teaching skills to a group of diverse learners?

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