DEVELOP A SPREADSHEET MODEL TO CALCULATE THE NPV OF PROFIT OVER THE NEXT THREE YEARS.The Hyde Park Surgery Center specializes in high-risk cardiovascular surgery. The center needs to forecast its profitability over the next three years to plan for capital growth projects.
February 25, 2019
Should Emergency Contraception in the Care of Rape Victims be a standard protocol?I am sending a couple of articles and pdf copy of ethics book required for references. More over any other references must be current within 5 years.
February 25, 2019

What demographics are targeted in this advertisement?


Guidelines for Medication Advertisement Critique:
Select a prescription medication advertisement from a consumer directed magazine. Critique the advertisement in essay form (using APA format), incorporating the items provided below. Limit your critique to the actual advertisement, not the prescribing information that may also be included. Attach a copy of the advertisement.

o Identify the magazine name and intended audience for this journal.
o What demographics are targeted in this advertisement?
o What symbolism and types of language are used to promote this product?
o Assess the clarity, readability, etc.
o Any information deficiency—what should have been included? Was anything misleading?
o Summarize findings.
o Reflect on what you learned from this assignment.
o How can you apply this in your professional practice? In Nursin


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