Why didn’t the rest of the population use their numbers to impose a system more beneficial the majority?
June 25, 2019
In your opinion, what is the most critical issue in Hmong history today?
June 25, 2019

One Ethnic Politics Essay as Final (10—12 pages, maximum, double-spaced with 11/12 Font)

The student will critically assess one (identity politics) concept/(ethnic) conflict from the assigned readings. This can be a theoretical analysis of approaches to ethnic conflict, analysis of an idea within the scope of identity politics, including ethnicity, a comparative study of an ethnic conflict, or a case study through a theoretical analysis in terms of evaluating the conflict and/or its resolution. The essay will be submitted on Turnitin.com—instructions for registering to the course account will be given in class at a later time. Key features of the report are outlined directly below.

1. What (define concept/them) or Where (background of conflict) — Concise background about the IR concept/idea or problem.

2. Why — (As concept) Discuss why it is such an important concept in international affairs. (As case study/conflict) Discuss why this is an important conflict.

3. Compare/Contrast — With the use of either the textbooks above and/or other documentation compare and contrast two-three theoretical/analytical approaches to the study of ethnic conflict or one-two case studies of ethnic conflict around the world.

Grading of essays will be based on your writing ability and persuasion of argument. I will provide an essay matrix that will guide your writing and categorize key areas from which your report will be graded.


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