Health History and Screening of an Adolescent or Young Adult Client
February 8, 2018
Compare/Contrast · Treaties vs. Executive Agreements
February 9, 2018

this essay is supposed to relate to my major which is electrical engineering. this is my topic and my research
”what are the best ways to manage excess thermal energy in electronic devices ”.
its a classification essay and im supposed to classify the best ways of how to manage excess thermal energy and
i found an online article mentioning using diamonds, this is the link ” engineering/diamonds make a device cooler.html
“ and i wish to use it in the
paper. the paper has to have 4 7 resources, in text citation, All sources should be current within 15 years.
resources should include one e book , and all journals used must have an author and a date. Photocopies of all
evidence should be attached to the final draft with the paraphrased sections highlighted. Only the pages
containing paraphrased material need be included, but students should note which source it is with a title or
author name. o The Reference Page content is excluded from formatting and will be assessed under
documentation conventions. This includes all APA reference page aspects (e.g., hanging, font type and style).
Other elements include: no hyperlinks, color should be in black (other colors will be penalized). Font size (12)
& Font style (Times New Roman)
Double spaced
1 inch margins
Text Color (Black) (others will be penalized)
Title centered above introduction paragraph
Word Count is included at the end of the paper (right justified/aligned)
Running head
Page numbers
Spacing between paragraphs (double)
All aspects of Cover Page (including major before title)
Running head
Page number
Name Id
Date of submission
Teacher s name
Capitalization & Punctuation (1 space after common, semi colon & period). Start counting after 3 mistakes
the research paper is 1000 words.


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