Identify and explain two methods you would use to help young athletes control their emotions?
October 1, 2018
What does it take to be a good patient and contribute to the quality improvement of health at a doctor’s office? Be sure to leverage details from the provided videos as a springboard for your response.
October 1, 2018

What are some ways to distinguish unhealthy grief from normal grief?

Chapter 15: Death and Dying
Write responses to each of the following questions. Write the responses in your own words, do not copy and paste from your textbook, or another source. Cite a reference for the information provided for each question. Include a reference list.
· Responses to questions are accurate. – 5 points
· Each question has a reference citation in APA format; reference list is included/accurate. – 2 points.
· Responses are written in student’s voice. – 3 points.
1. Define the following:
a. Functional death
b. Brain death
2. What are common reasons for death in infancy and childhood, adolescence, young adulthood, middle adulthood and late adulthood?
3. What is SIDS? What can be done to reduce the likelihood of SIDS?
4. What are some reactions to death at different ages?
5. Define the following:
a. terminal decline
b. hospice
c. euthanasia
6. Name and describe the Kubler-Ross stages.
7. Define the following:
a. DNR
b. Living will
c. Health care proxy
d. Durable power of attorney
e. Grief
f. Bereavement
8. What are some ways to distinguish unhealthy grief from normal grief?

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