What do you think about the use of other possible treatments such as Ketamine or magnetic therapy?
December 2, 2018
Do you think these restaurants should be held accountable for offering food that is inherently unhealthy?
December 2, 2018

What are some of the difficult aspects of documentation?

No References, make it personal.  I statements only.

Clinical Documentation

What are your various documentation responsibilities at your site?  Groups for Women only on Mondays with a Therapist shadowing me. Student shadowing the therapist on Wednesday and Friday.

What are some of the easiest aspects of documentation? Listening etc.

What are some of the difficult aspects of documentation? When clients leave the room for U/A or One-on-One Therapy Session etc.

Include a de-identified example of your documentation in this week’s paper (e.g., progress note, treatment plan). 1. give the topic of the group, 2.write a progress note, 3.write a summary from therapist professionally.

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