Week Two Assignment Achievement Motivation
December 15, 2017
Week Five Assignment Psychological Skills Training
December 15, 2017

Week Four Topic Proposal for Issues Analysis Paper

Assignment Instructions

Title: Week 4 Assignment Proposed Topic for Issue Analysis Paper  100 pts.
Due Date: End of Week 4
Title: Week 4 — Proposed Topic for Issue Analysis Paper
Due Date: Sunday at the End of Week 4 of the Course
Possible Topics:

  1. The need for positive psychology in sports
  2. The need for positive psychology in exercise routines and health systems
  3. Leadership psychology for coaches
  4. Perfectionism of coaches or athletes
  5. High performance mental training
  6. Goal setting systems
  7. New advancements with motivation strategies
  8. Time management systems for high performance coaches

During this week you will propose a topic for your week 7 Issue Analysis Paper. This week you, select a topic, issue or subject relating to sports psychology and  collect and briefly summarize, in your own words (no copying allowed), 5 research articles from research journals that will be used for writing this Issue Analysis Paper.
Your 5 sources must be scholarly research journals.  Course reading materials are not allowed as references.
First: Identify your research idea with a short summary:
Second: list each of the 5 research articles, a reference in APA Format, then under each source, complete a paragraph describing the selected research study, the outcome of the study, and how it applies to your research topic.
Include a title page with your work with your title………save your paper using the title of your topic
Complete this assignment in a single document titled Topic Proposal for Issue Analysis Paper and formatted per APA formatted criteria. You must submit this assignment as a Word document.


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