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July 23, 2022
Module 2 Assignment: Contemporary Ethical Dilemmas
July 23, 2022

Week 8 Final Paper

Consider the following scenario: 

Student services at Keiser University want to change the offered events. You are hired as an independent (qualitative) consultant to hold focus groups in thirteen campuses to come up with the suggestions of what kind of activities to be selected and suggest some programs.

  1. Using the appendix b as a model (page 610 in the text book) develop a Focus Group Discussion Guide to conduct the focus groups. (25%)
  2. Write the Instructions on how to conduct the focus groups that will go out to the campuses (13 of them) to accompany the Discussion Guide. (25%)
  3. Elaborate in details what type of data are you going to be able to collect (quantitative and qualitative). (25%)
  4. Describe in Details statistical analysis you will need to perform related to the outcome of focus groups. (25%)

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