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February 8, 2018
Compare/Contrast · Treaties vs. Executive Agreements
February 9, 2018

Web N Graphics Solutions.! Web Development And Graphics Designing Company

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Hi..!Friends..!We are Web Development & Graphics Designing Company..Just launched..We need clients and projects as we are fully new so that’s why..need projects and clients…hope  you will help us…You can check our site here:http://www.webngraphicssolutions.comFor now we offer normal web development in html,css,jquery,javascript,php,mysql and also web development on platforms like wordpress etc too..also we offer graphics designing services like logo designing and banner designing etc..and later on we will also offer app development too..but not now..for normal web designing we work as design your site and then code it in html,css,jquery,php,mysql etc..we have plan for web development as :1) as we also offer hosting so our client site should be build on our own server to provide him/her with support and better service..2) we will take just little advance for hosting and domain fee…3) we will be offering monthly maintenance to our clients for which they will be paying $50 per also we will do free modifications in their sites after first being created with us..and will take just $50 as monthly maintenance..4) we also have plans if someone can’t afford money to be paid right on one clients can also pay us through monthly but in that case we will take little more in case of monthly for example for normal site as if we offer $600 for  a simple he can pay it in 3 months or 6 months..but in case as far as he will take time in paying so more and more he will pay more..for 3 months as if $200 monthly so then totally he will pay $750 for site.. and if want to pay in 6 months than he will have to pay $850 in that case..and for monthly clients we will be offering free monthly maintenance till they finish paying their site payment after that we will be charging him/her monthly for maintenance..5) a strict order and that is this that clients sites should and must be hosted on our server in order to provide them with our services like maintenance and modifications only in just $50 as for maintenance..6) well,for clients who want to pay full payment in one time..for them..we will offer first two months free monthly maintenance+free saving $100

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