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February 25, 2019
Motivation, Stress, and Time Management
February 25, 2019

Question 1: Web-based recruiting

Part A: Today’s HRMs more so than ever before are relying on e-recruiting techniques. From an organizational hiring perspective, what are some of the advantages of e-recruiting?  What are the disadvantages? What are some unique challenges of this method?

Part B: Share any personal experiences you have with e-recruiting from an applicant and/or hiring perspective. Did you find the process effective? Please be sure to explain your opinions. You always want to support your arguments with logic and citations from sound research sources.

Question 2: HR Metrics

Review some of the examples of metrics included in this week’s reading. How can HRMs use metrics to measure the success of the recruiting and selection processes? List 3 metrics that you view as most relevant. Explain your opinions. Be sure to include an expert’s ideas (with proper citations) to support your argument.


  • Vulpen (nd) 14 HR Metrics Examples
  • Schneider (2018). 11 HR Metrics every Manager Should Know
  • Sullivan (2017). Top 10 HR and TA Metrics
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  • HRMN300TextChapter51.docx
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