December 15, 2017
What force must be applied to a steel bar 1 in. square and 2 ft. long to produce an elongation of 0.016 in? (The modulus of elasticity for steel is 29,000,000 psi)
December 15, 2017

Part 1:
Respond to the questions below. Your response to each of the questions should be composed in complete sentences and paragraphs, be approximately 100?150 words in length and follow APA format. Save your responses in a Microsoft Word document and submit your work to the Dropbox.
Given what you know about supplements, why do you think a physician might not recommend taking herbs, vitamins, etc. therapeutically? How could he or she learn more about this topic in order to educate patients?

Part 2:
In this Assignment you will again record your food and beverage intake for 5 days and analyze for nutrients using the same program as in Unit 2. Write a 2 page report (in APA format) on how things have changed in your diet and note if there were improvements in your nutrient status and include a screen shot of their diet analysis summary results. Address where else can you make improvements going forward including where you may still be deficient in any vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Has the information in this course influenced your dietary choices in any way?


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