Differentiate between a toxic chemical, toxic substance, and toxic agent.
December 13, 2017
Spanish for beginners
December 14, 2017

Prompt: By utilizing the notion of cultural proximity,demonstrate why culture,language, race and ethnicity are significant in the production and/or consumption of media content.
You can use the readings below to back up your statement. Make sure you understand what Cultural proximity is. Develop a thesis with the main argument and make the points clear. Do not talk about irrelevant stuff
De Sola Pool, I. (1977).
When cultures clash: The changing flow of television, Journal of Communication, 27(2), 139 –150.
Ksiazek, T. B. & Webster, J. G. (2008). Cultural proximity and audience
behavior: The role
of language in patterns of polarization and multicultural
fluency. Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media , 52 (3), 485-503.
Straubhaar, J., D. Straubhaar  (1991) Beyond Media Imperialism: Assymetrical Interdependence and Cultural Proximity.  Critical Studies in Mass Communication 8. Pp.39 -59.


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