Identify an organization and explain the benefits available to this organization in implementing a new or revised performance management program.
October 7, 2018
What is the importance of budgets for organizations in today’s global economy? · There are many assumptions that go into the preparation of a budget. What are some of those assumptions and how will you gather reliable information to make more accurate assumptions?
October 7, 2018

Strategic Alignment
The greater the fit between HR and organizational strategies, the more likely it is that positive outcomes will result for the organization. The extent to which these strategies are effectively integrated both vertically and horizontally across the organization the more likely they are to increase the organization’s competitive advantage and performance. Alignment and deployment of human resources are essential to value creation and organizational outcomes.
Using McDonald’s Corporation
· Based on the theories, frameworks, and/or best practices of strategic HRM. How can utilizing these attributes contribute to the alignment of HR and organizational strategies? Include 1–2 examples of how the HR and organizational strategies align and 1–2 examples where they appear to conflict for the organization you have chosen.
· Finally, discuss how HR strategies in general can act as drivers for organizational strategies, rather than the opposite.

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