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May 29, 2020
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May 29, 2020

Narrative essay topics must be detailed using smooth and free flowing contents

An essay detailing any experience or event should use such narrative essay topics that can facilitate smooth and efficient diction of the facts. In addition, it is also important that sufficient details are provided in the essay that relate to the event. Therefore, the ideas and expressions that emerge from the event or experience should be described smoothly, so that the cohesive nature of the whole essay is maintained, which would mean transparent transition from one part of the essay to another, in an interesting manner.

At the same time, it is essential that the essay structure is organized around the selected topic in such a manner that it follows the rules of established essay format , be it an APA, MLA or Harvard style of writing.

Given below are a few narrative essay topics, which can be expanded by the students to present an excellent essay. However, it is advisable that students also look at other papers like MLA essay and APA essay to have a firm grip on the essay writing skills required to write such papers.

  • Comparison of good and bad experiences

As every experience ends into a lesson, students can have their own perceptions about any experience being good or bad. While students can compare the two events or experiences, as they unfolded, it is possible that the bad experience was really a good one only. This is usually because of the fact that both good and bad are relative terms and have different meanings for different situations or persons. For example, taking their computer classes could result in a bad experience as students attend these classes on the first day. However, they find that in the end, the computer coaching has really benefited them largely. Thus, the narration of this topic can be interesting as the bad experience takes a positive shape.

  • Any personal rituals

With this topic, students can detail any ritual that they and their families, friends follow strictly. Students can use their imaginative and innovative skills while observing these rituals, as presenting a critical analysis of the importance of such rituals can add to the charm of narration, for such ritualistic events. Similarly, in other narrative essay topics, students can detail any personal experience that describes their assumptions and faith in a certain act. For example, students can describe an examination event, when nervousness prevailed until the student took a particular posture on the chair, while writing the paper. This may have proved helpful as student can narrate the confidence that was restored by sitting in this posture, which became a faithful habit, later on for the student to follow in the subsequent tests.

Students must also prepare a well defined  essay outline so that readers get a glimpse about the contents written in the main essay body, which are being mentioned on the outline page in the form of subtopics or subheadings.

As there are many narrative essay topics that can guide the students to write an excellent narrative plot, students can check at custom essay to find a topic of their choice.

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