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June 1, 2021
You have been appointed as the leader of this diverse workgroup. Your team members vary in terms of their gender (male/female), age (Millennials to Generation X), nationality (Singaporeans vs non-Sing
June 1, 2021

Please write an essay using economic theory to analyze Kenya‘s development prospects and explore the reasons for the country’s failure/success. You have to write all references and citation clearly,this is very very important. Please note the repetition rate when submitting the paper. The specific requirements are as follows:

Requirements of the project:

The goal of the term paper is to let you focus on a developing country (Kenya) and apply the economic theories learnt in class to analyze the development outlook of the country and explore the reasons behind the failure/success of the country.

– Gather data on different aspects or measures of development on your chosen country (Kenya) for the last 30 years and summarize its development status with evidence from the data.

You may download the data from the World Bank Development Indicator Database.


– Conduct a literature review on the policies and interventions that the country has taken in the past that may have led to these outcomes. Be specific and apply the theories learnt in class.

World Bank country reports may help you in your search. Your will find them in the following link


– Summarize your findings in 1500-2000 words

Detailed Instructions:

Your paper should be typed and in your own words. The font should be Times New Roman and font should be 12. It should be single spaced.

Remember: Your paper should follow APA style. The link below gives you more information on APA style.



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