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March 11, 2021
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March 11, 2021

Two Questions on Anatomy and Physiology (DUE WEDNESDAY MORNING)

Two questions ($6).



This is not a paper, its a short question and each question needs a minimun of 150 words per answer…please cite and reference.


No plagarism please


Question #1

Discuss hemoglobin relative to its chemical structure, its function, and the color changes it undergoes during loading and unloading of oxygen.

Question #2

Mary Healy, a young woman with severe vaginal bleeding is admitted to the emergency room. She is three months pregnant, and the physician is concerned about the volume of blood she is losing. (a) What type of transfusion will probably be given to this patient? (b)What blood tests will be performed before starting the transfusion? Why are they important?


Thank you!


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