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June 26, 2020
Enhanced the membrane distillation by ultrasound application
June 26, 2020

Topic: The topic is preventing falls above 6 feet on a construction site and differnet safety methods of using ladders and scaffolds. address the issue and provide background (research) on the issues highlight current circumstances propose effective solution(s) to the problem. Think critically about the logic you want to use to convince your audience that your proposal is the best approach to the problem. Be sure to include graphics to support your text and follow formatting recommendations. Length: 1200-1600 words (5-7 pages, double spaced, excluding charts, graphs, citation page, title page, etc.). Your 5-7 pages will consist of the introduction, the body/discussion, and the conclusion/recommendations. With all the additional material included, your final document should have about 10 pages. Audience: You will need to identify and aim your proposal at a real, specific, narrow audience. This audience will determine to some extent what problem you plan to address and what information you choose to present. Purpose: Your purpose must be more specific than to merely inform. Think critically about what you want your audience to actually do after reading your research. Remember this assignment is a proposal of a solution to a problem. Research: You must use at least three peer-reviewed, industry specific articles (usually about research studies) from our library’s databases. Also consider what other primary (informal interviews, informal surveys, etc.) and secondary sources you might use to research your problem and find a solution. Web sites may also be useful, but you will need to be aware of the limitations and possible biases of such sources and acknowledge them in your proposal. Your goal should be to introduce useful and credible information about your proposal. Format: Sources should be cited using APA style (American Psychological Association) format. Regarding the format and layout of the paper, be sure to follow the recommendations and requirements as set forth in your book and from our online references. Use elements such as bullets, color, graphs, charts, graphics, text in boxes, etc. to organize information for your readers or emphasize certain points. Your proposal should include at least one chart or graph. Contents of Formal Research Proposal: You need to follow the recommended formatting and page requirements for a proposal. As a result, your proposal must contain the following pages: Title page Cover letter Table of Contents List of illustrations Abstract (sometimes called the Executive Summary or Information Summary) Introduction Discussion (body of the proposal, with several sub-headers to separate sections) Conclusion or recommendations Glossary Appendix (any instructions or large series of charts and graphs should go here) Works Cited (or references page) Your report should include such elements as appropriate tone/language, graphics and design elements, technical language and instructions, and necessary quantitative language. PowerPoint Presentation: You will compose a simple PowerPoint presentation of 5-7 slides representing your problem and possible solution. Be sure to follow graphics and formatting recommendations as set forth by your book and online references. Sources should be cited and one slide should list References. The PowerPoint presentation will be due in Week 4. Grading Rubric Does the proposal meet the min. length requirement of 5 pages or does it require further development? (15 pts) Does it address your research problem? (10 pts) Does it adequately cover the following aspects? Is it adequately researched? (10pts) Highlight current circumstances? (10pts) Propose effective solution(s) to the problem? (10 pts) Appropriate use of graphics and design? (10pts) Appropriate formatting (Proposal format? ABC Method?) (10 pts) Correct citation (5 pts) Appropriate language/tone? (5 pts) Overall level of writing (e.g. – effort made at formatting proposal in an interesting way, mechanics, grammatical issues, etc.) (15 pts)



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