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February 8, 2018
Compare/Contrast · Treaties vs. Executive Agreements
February 9, 2018

Order DescriptionBased upon the data of a school climate survey, SACS accreditation report, or annual yearly school progress report, students are to write a 4-5 page paper addressing all of the following 5 areas (number these areas within the paper): (1) Identify 3 needs that you feel should be addressed during the upcoming school year; (2) Develop strategies for addressing each of the 3 identified needs; (3) Develop an original one-paragraph mission statement for your school; (4) Develop an original one-paragraph vision statement for your school; (5) Describe what leadership style(s) you, as a principal, will use to help address the identified needs and bring into reality both the stated mission and vision statements.

The School I have is The English Center-Miami, FL. MDCPS.

Here is the climate report: (this is where you will find the data for the paper)
School website

Vision and Mission:

I can provide some additional documents by 4/5/16.

Shared Vision Plan
The individual student will use data from a recent school climate survey and/or an annual yearly progress report to develop a plan which encourages and supports an ongoing shared vision for a school. The plan must be 5- 8 pages and clearly demonstrate the role of the principal in leading and facilitating the processes of vision development, articulation, and implementation. If you are seeking an, include monitoring and evaluation in your vision plan.
(This is from the syllabus)


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