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February 8, 2018
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Order Description*NOTE: instructions are very specific and must be followed exactly and very carefully!

This is a research thesis, the question you are research is: “Is playing College Athletes the Answer to stop cheating in (American) College Sports ”

You are arguing that YES, paying athletes is the answer to stop cheating.

Reasons for arguing that athletes should be paid:
1. The main reason you are saying yes is that if the athletes play on national television, they deserve to earn some money, not a lot of money, but should earn a portion of the money from the ratings. American Football and Basketball players are the main college athletes that play on national television, so they are they ones who should be paid.

2. Most universities pay their coaches multi-million dollar pay checks. So a very small portion of that could be distributed among the athletes of that sport.

You MUST use the following sources as evidence:
1. Unpaid Professionals by Andrew Zimbalist (book)
2. Pay For Play by Ronald Smith (book)
3. The Case For Paying College Athletes by Allen Sanderson and John Siegfried (Journal)
4. The Shame Of College Sports by Taylor Branch (Journal)
Here is a link to The Shame of College Sports:

All other sources used must be a professional and reliable source. Here is a link to NCAA articles on JSTOR where you can find many articles to use. ALL extra articles should come from JSTOR: Query=ncaa&acc=off&wc=on&fc=off&group=none&vf=all

The other main part of this paper is that you are reviewing situations where players and/or athletes themselves have cheated to get money.

You MUST research and discuss the following American Universities that have cheated in American Football:
1. University of Miami in 1980 and 2011 cheating scandal
2. The Ohio State in 2011 cheating scandal
3. University of Southern California 2005 cheating scandal
4. 1987 Southern Methodist University cheating scandal

It is VERY IMPORTANT and highly prioritized that you CITE EVERYTHING. Any information used form anywhere must be cited in footnote form. ANYTIME you say “According to…” or anything like that, you MUST CITE where the information comes from.

I will attach multiple documents that will be very helpful and will provide extra information.
1. “College Athletes Cheating Proposal.” This document is the proposal to the research paper and is an introduction to the topic.

2. “The U and The U Part 2.” This document will help provide information about The University of Miami Cheating Scandals that I mention above.

3. “Unpaid Professionals (2)” This will give a brief overview of the book Unpaid Professionals. You MUST use an original edition of the book for the paper. DO NOT JUST use this document.

4. “The Case For Paying College Athletes.” This is just a review of the article. In the paper you must use the actual article. DO NOT JUST use this document.

5. “Book Review of Pay For Play.” This will give a brief overview of the book Pay for Play. You MUST use an original edition of the book for the paper. DO NOT JUST use this document.

6. “Capstone Final Assignment and Rubric.” This Document will provide more instructions to follow and give information on how to write the paper.

7. “Capstone Paper Rubric.” This document is a chart on how well the paper can be done. You must follow everything under the collum “Exceeds Standards (6)”

8. “Americanization In The Ozarks” this document is an example thesis paper. The information is not related to the topic but the document provides and example of what this paper should look exactly like.


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