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February 8, 2018
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February 9, 2018

Order DescriptionThis is not an essay order! Please just follow the instruction exactly!

I have 4 short parts of readings. 2 of them are by Hwang and 2 of them are by Kim.
All of them are relately talking about Confucianism.

Anyway, I want you to read through them quickly and make 1~2 sentences of studyquestion of each (4). so, 1 study question for 1 reading by Kim. and 1 study question for another reading by Kim

1 study question for 1 reading by Hwang, and 1 study question for another reading by Hwang.

Again each studyquestion should be within 1~2 sentences and it will be enough. So the total question should be 4. And it should not be overlapped, or not should be from same part of reading.

Just 1 study question for each part of readings.

*Study question Explanation*

– Study questions are supposed to be your own suggestion of discussion topic in a format of question, one that can have multiple possible answers (Not yes/no factual questions), and one that is analytical and can elicit critical responses when asked.


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