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February 8, 2018
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February 9, 2018

Topic: Assignment 2: Case study response

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Assignment context: this assignment, you are asked to read the following case study and complete the activities outlined below. In so doing, you assume the role of ‘Tripp’ and take on the responsibilities that his role entails (see role description included in the case as Appendix A).
_An administrative mess: A case study from the officiating community: _tid=785f669a-11b5-11e6-81bc-00000aacb360&acdnat=1462338358_d1624f9fafa75cb1c5941bba09b0865e

Assignment activities:
_Provide a detailed summary of the core challenges/issues you (Tripp) must address in redesigning the basketball referee program at MSHSAA. Try to present this information in a clear manner perhaps using a table, diagram, bullet points or otherwise. Make sure you also discuss, rather than simply list, these issues.
o Rank these issues in the order in which you believe they should be addressed, explaining your reasoning. Think here about the implications of each issue for relevant stakeholders and the basketball and broader high school sport programs.
_In an effort to rebuild the referee program at MSHSAA, you will need to first address the top three priorities you have identified in the preceding stage of the assignment (this becomes the scope of your assignment). Please make sure that at least one of your chosen priorities reflects an aspect of ‘culture’. Using the chosen priorities as a frame, address the following points:
o Establish objectives/goals (short-term, medium-range and long-term) related to the issues to be addressed. Please note that there may be several objectives for each issue or challenge faced.
o Devise a series of basic plans to be implemented in an effort to achieve these objectives. It is important to include key milestones and timelines associated with each action plan.
o Outline any human, financial or other resources you might require in the process of working toward achieving these objectives and implementing these plans.
With respect to managerial profile of transformational leadership, discuss how you would set about assuming leadership responsibilities in this context. What leadership strategies would you employ in attempting to ensure these goals are achieved What might your biggest challenges be in this situation Think about possible organisational change management strategies that could be considered.
_Outline relevant control measures you will put in place to ensure that your objectives are achieved.

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