What is cultural health capital? Which populations are least likely to have cultural health capital? How does low cultural health capital affect doctor-patient relationships?
December 12, 2017
Describe and contrast the nature of panic attacks as found in a diagnosis of Panic Disorder versus a diagnosis of Social Phobia. Discuss one pharmacological and one psychological treatment for symptoms of panic attacks
December 12, 2017

Week 8 Forum Topic and Instructions 

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Week 8 Forum:

This is your last forum in the course; this is a space to review and reflect on your learning experience.

Your forum assignment this week has three parts.

First, share with the class three “take-away” elements of the course that added to your understanding of addiction and substance abuse and that you believe will serve you well in the future in both your personal and professional lives. Explain why this is the case. For this portion of the discussion, give some thought to what stood out to you and why it did throughout the course.  Listing and describing textbook content isn’t the goal here.

Second, describe the three most meaningful experiences you had while participating in the course discussions with your classmates and instructor. Again, give this careful thought. Sharing ideas is a popular shared experience that can be said about any dialog between two or more people as long as the persons dialoging allow space for varying perspectives. If you use it here, say more. What about sharing ideas was meaningful while participating in our PSYC324 discussions?

Third, complete the sentence below. Think information that you learned in completion of the course here rather than pre-formed opinion in place at the time we started 8 weeks ago and elaborate in the “because ________” space about why you picked what you did.

“If I could pick just one thing that the world would be well-served to better understand about addiction it would be ________________. I chose this because ________________.”

Don’t breeze through this assignment. It is graded for substance and careful thought just as all the forum posts are. This is a time to share with each other and with your instructor what you experienced via participation during the course in this learning community.

In addition, don’t forget your Question to the Class!


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