Discuss whether this course met, did not meet, or exceeded your expectations. Share any unexpected outcomes or identified gaps.
October 8, 2018
Select three of the five prompts below, and then discuss how the Framework for 21st Century Learning can be applied to each prompt using specific examples of the actions you would take to apply the framework.
October 8, 2018

There are several early childhood curriculum activities that support the development of cognitive processes, science knowledge, and math knowledge
For this discussion, you will create a Fact Sheet.
Second, consider the following scenario as a frame of reference for this discussion: As a student in the Early Childhood Education program, you have been asked to help a colleague that has not received their textbook yet. You decide that the best way to assist your peer, and to help you study for the course, is to create a Fact Sheet.
Use Microsoft Word or another tool of your choice to create the Fact Sheet. Your fact sheet must cover only one of the following areas

  • Cognitive Development
  • Math
  • Science

Include the main points from the section you are focusing on and additional ideas for how you can use the information in an educational setting teaching young children. At a minimum, the Fact Sheet must include the following components:

  • A summary of the section including the main ideas from your chosen area of focus (i.e., Cognitive Development, Math, or Science)
  • Three ways to promote development in an educational setting for young children. Support this section with your text and an additional scholarly resource.
  • Two suggestions for family involvement
  • Two websites that support development

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