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December 15, 2017
Health promotion in practice
December 15, 2017

subject:Theory Identification / Application Paper on Erin Brokovich film
pages: 6
format: apa
sources: 5
Select a film (mainstream, please, see included list for ideas of older and some newer films to consider). As you view the film you select, watch for communication theories exhibited by the characters and events. Pay attention to how these theories influence character development and the outcomes of the film. Then write a paper that includes:
1. Title and list of major characters (with role explanations)
2. Description of theories identified in the film. Provide a brief description of
each of the three theories you will include.
3. A description of the theory in action (i.e., how it is seen in the film) –
impact on the character or outcomes of the film.
4. Write your paper as a narrative (only #1 should be in list format).
5. Look for specific theories that represent different types of theory – Interpersonal Messages, Relationship Development, Relationship
Maintenance, Influence, Group Communication, Organizational
Communication, Public Rhetoric, Media and Culture, Media Effects,
Intercultural Communication, or Gender and Communication
6. Select at least three theories representing at least two of the categories of
theory listed above to include in your paper.
Minimum of three full pages describing the theories in action – their
impacts on the characters and/ or outcome of the film. If you use any references, include these, formatted in APA style. Grammar and punctuation within the paper should conform to APA style.


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