Cultural Autobiography Case Study and Training Intervention: Students will develop a case study based on a time in their life where they experienced a microaggression(s) which he or she believe impa
June 1, 2021
What is the state of children’s bodies and overall physical and emotional health during the preschool years? What illnesses might they be susceptible to250-300 wordsTHE COURSE IS HOMAN GROWTH AND DEVE
June 1, 2021

The Popularity of Marriage

Based on what you have read and your personal experiences respond to the following:

Looking ahead fifty years, predict the state of the U.S. family.

How will families differ from families today?

In what ways will they remain the same?

Consider factors such as:
The popularity of marriage,
The likelihood of divorce,
The number of children people will have,
Gender-role differences in marriage.


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