List 4 specific and measurable goals/things you can do to improve your overall eating and/or exercise habits based on the results from the assignment above?
August 30, 2018
As a leader in a nursing department, you are taking time to reflect on everything you have learned thus far, the leadership theory you prefer to use, why you chose it, and how that theory influences staff morale and satisfaction
August 30, 2018


The next step in building a case for change is to find a number of additional, related articles to support your proposed change to patient care. You plan to do this by searching for additional evidence in the medical literature databases, but you know that you will have to search through a number of articles to find what you are looking for.
The information that you find will guide the development of your presentation to staff or patients, and you should provide rationale for doing things differently to enhance patient care.
You know that your supervisor does not have time to complete an in-depth review of each supporting article. Therefore, you plan to e-mail your supervisor an annotated bibliography of the evidence that supports your request for change.
Using the databases below, find 3 additional scholarly articles that support your request for change (This brings the total to 5, including the 2 prior articles from Unit 2.).
Write an annotated bibliography for each of the 5 identified studies.
Address the following:

  • Conduct a search that is related to your previously-identified clinical question or nursing problem. Conduct the search within the following primary data sources:
    • CINAHL
    • Scholarly Search Engine
  • List the search terms that you used.
  • For each article summary (you will do this for all 5 articles), address all of the following:
    • Identify the purpose of the study, and include the research question.
    • Determine if it was qualitative or quantitative research. Explain how you arrived at this decision.
    • Describe the population studies.
    • Describe the methods that you used to collect data.
    • What was done to establish reliability and validity in this study?
    • What were the major findings?
    • What were the conclusions?
    • What were the study limitations?
    • Include a correctly formatted APA title page and reference page.

The submission should be 3-5 pages, excluding the title and reference pages, following the APA Expectations document for the College of Nursing.

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