dentify trends you find in your research that deal with grievance concerns and bargaining topics
June 23, 2019
What is one of the worst decisions you have had to deal with in the work  environment?
June 23, 2019

1. The Fauves, led by Matisse, made __________ the most important feature of their canvases.

A. line
B. composition C. texture
D. color

2. The exterior of Falling Water (Figure 32.23) suggests that the construction method includes

A. Roman arch. B. cantilever.
C. gothic arch. D. moorish arch.

3. Einstein’s theory of relativity asserted that

A. in studying subatomic particles, time and space were relative. B. planetary movement could not be accurately calculated.
C. the earth’s rotational speed depended on the time year.
D. all of Galileo’s theories were inaccurate.

4. The American poet who exalted individualism in his lyric works by affirming that he took the road “less traveled” was

A. Ezra Pound. B. Carl Sandburg. C. Robert Frost. D. Walt Whitman.

5. Nonobjective art as practiced by Malevich, Kandinsky, and Mondrian eliminated __________ from art.

A. nudity
B. color
C. subject matter D. brushstrokes

6. The celebrated Les Demoiselles d’Avignon shocked observers because

A. it depicted women with unprecedented brutality. B. it portrayed nudity in exceptional detail.
C. its subjects wore Japanese warrior masks.
D. it featured unusual colors for skin tones.

7. The Italian art movement that emphasized the close relationship between science and art was

A. cubism. B. pointillism. C. futurism. D. scientism.

8. Le Corbusier (Figure 32.26). The apartment block in Marseilles is an example of this building method.

A. cantilever steel beam B. reinforced concrete C. post and lintel
D. steel cage


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