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January 17, 2020
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January 17, 2020

Select a potential natural or
man-made disaster that could happen in your community (Austin, TX).
Then, write a 3- to 4-page paper about the disaster from the community
nurse’s perspective.

Section 1: The Disaster, Man-Made or Natural

  • What disasters may strike your community and why? For example, do
    you live in “Tornado Alley,” or has climate change resulted in unusual
    cold weather snaps or blizzards in your community? Are you located in a
    flood plain? Include possible diseases that may result from a natural
    disaster, such as tetanus or cholera.

Section 2: The Nursing Response

  • Formulate responses to the disaster, considering systems and community levels of intervention.
  • Review websites where a disaster plan may be available for the
    public, or if one is not currently available, call public health
    department to see if a disaster plan exists for your community and what
    the plan contains.

    • In addition to reviewing websites for information about your
      local disaster plan, you will need to locate best
      practice/evidence-based practice guidelines in professional literature
      to determine whether your community’s disaster plan is as sound as it
      might be or if there is room for improvement.

Section 3: Is My Community Prepared for a Disaster?

  • What conclusions can you draw about your community’s preparedness plan from having completed this evaluation?

Location is Austin, TX.  

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Please ensure every question above is answered in the paper. 

  • WK5AssgnGuobadiaG.docx
  • WK5AssgnNdubisiC.docx


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