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February 23, 2021
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This week’s discussion topic is designed to allow you to better understand how the cost and schedule management techniques described in this module are applied in real-world organizations and situations.  Please respond to the following prompt. you will need to responses to at least two of your classmates . ( I wiil provide this later when it posted)

Does your organization use cost and schedule management? If so, describe your organization’s cost and schedule management activities at a high level, including the procedures and guidelines used and the benefits to the organization.  If not, describe how you could convince your management to use it or why you feel it would not be useful to your organization.

So I am working at  Medical Records and Information Center at National Guard comprehensive specialized clinic (NGCSC) Medical Records and Information Center department and NGCSC , so my organization doesn’t use cost and schedule management . Either you describe how you could convince the management to use it (preferred) or you feel it would not be useful( one page is okay.

Attached is PDF file that will help to start the work you (will need to use this )


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