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SWOT analysis

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Final Project: Porter’s Five Forces

While a SWOT analysis focuses mostly on the internal mechanisms within a company, Porter’s Five Forces examines the larger economic factors that influence a company’s potential success. For your final project, you are going to work in teams of 1, 2, or 3, choose a company and analyze their potential for success using Porter’s Five Forces.

Here are the five forces:

· rivalry among existing firms

· threat of new entrants

· threat of substitute products or services

· bargaining power of buyers

· bargaining power of suppliers

These are the headings you will use in your paper. You should have at least one page of writing and analysis per force.

Other Requirements

Please include at least two graphs or other form of visual data and cite them in APA format.

Use as many sources as you need, but I don’t see this assignment being done with any less than ten.

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