business in the global environment Academic Essay2. At least one current issue outside of Canada, 3. Include Canada in some way (optional, but preferable).and answer the questions��� What is the main issue(s) discussed in the article? ��� Who are the main participants? ��� What do the main participants stand to gain or lose in this situation? ��� What are the positive and negative impacts to the people of these participating nations/parties? ��� In your opinion, how can the situation be resolved or improved? ��� Any other relevant facts, opinions, or arguments that you would like to add to enhance your analysis���..
December 15, 2017
Stress Management of 5 weeks Project wrap up and ATR report
December 15, 2017

Sulfur dioxide is oxidized to sulfur trioxide in a small pilot-plant reactor. SO2 and 100% excess air are fed to the reactor at 450��C. The reaction proceeds to a 65% SO2 conversion, and the products emerge from the reactor at 550��C. The production rate of SO3 is 1.00 x 102 kg/min. The reactor is surrounded by a water jacket into which water at 25��C is fed.

(c) Calculate the minimum flow rate of the cooling water if its temperature rise is to be kept below 15��C.

(d) Briefly state what would have been different in your calculations and results if you had taken elemental species as references in part (b)


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