Social Work homework help
October 10, 2021
What kinds of barriers might you have to get past to give others unconditional positive regard if you were treating clients in a prison setting?
October 10, 2021

Hi, need to submit a 250 words paper on the topic Leadership Skills and Traits. Martin Luther King, Jr was a prominent leader who inspired many Americans by challenging people to change the ways they think about and behave in the world. His cause was dangerous and faced great resistance from politicians but his assertiveness made him achieve his goals. He showed great courage to continue with his campaign. Luther was enthusiastic and confident about his campaign and showed an exemplary character that attracted many people. He believed that Africans had the ability to manage big organizations and produce good leaders. Through his skills and traits, Luther managed to draw membership from different organizations for activists who fought for the civil rights of Africans. His courage, intelligence, determination, and innovativeness are traits and skills that I admire. President Barrack Obama has been the most influential leader in my life due to his willingness to make hard decisions. He is a credible leader, committed, humorous, influential, and is trusted by many Americans to head the country. The most important trait is his ability to influence people through his speech and decision making. I apply these lessons by being a committed, credible, available, and trustworthy group leader. Trait Assessment: Articulate= 4. perceptive= 5. Self-confident= 4. self-assured= 5. persistent= 3. determined= 5. trustworthy= 5. dependable= 4. friendly= 5. outgoing=4. conscientious= 3. diligent= 4. sensitive= 5. empathic= 4 (35). Skill Assessment: technical skill= 23. Human skill= 25. conceptual skill= 22 (64).
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