Review this week’s course materials and learning activities, and reflect on your learning so far this week. Respond to one or more of the following prompts in one to two paragraphs:
October 10, 2021
Economics homework help
October 10, 2021

Write 4 page essay on the topic Integration Question MBA executive University / Innovation / Analysing Apple and answer questions.If an interested person decided to visit the company’s websites, he or she would understand and this is from the high prices that the company sets for its commodities (Mullian, 2010, 95). Despite this factor, it is also imperative to know that the company has retained and even accumulated a high number of customers that have remained loyal and this is owing to the appropriate customer service they get from the company and the long services that they get from these commodities.If tasked with the role of bringing up a rival company, I would ensure that my strategy was quite different from that adopted by Apple. As opposed to Apple’s strategy of marketing commodities to high-end customers only, I would ensure that the commodities I produced were of high quality but still sell them at a very low price (Amity, 2014, 65). This may not look strategic and this is because people would think that this is a waste of resources. However, critically analyzing this move, there is the understanding that I would be aiming at selling the commodities in bulk. If I sold these commodities in bulk, it would ensure that there are many customers willing to purchase the commodities to a point that many of them would remain loyal and even look for other people to purchase them (Gold, J and Thorpe, 2010, 117). This loyalty is what would earn me huge profits grounds that would be very competitive to Apple.Several gaps exist with regard to Apple’s marketing strategy and it is important to go through them in order to grasp the manner through which these can be overcome. One of the obvious gaps is regarding the target market (Raj, 2011, 75). The fact that the company focuses on rich people is a factor that a company can exploit. Apple does realize that the rich are the few in society and that the poor are the most and require commodities that are
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