Describe the type of report from Chapter 19 of your course text that you used as a model for your report and explain why you selected it.
December 15, 2017
Develop the definition and characteristics of various leadership theories and approaches to leadership (trait leadership, behavioral leadership, contingency leadership, skills leadership and situational leadership).
December 15, 2017

Multimedia Presentation

HIS 100 Multimedia Presentation Planning Worksheet

Part 1: Brainstorming

Instructions: Brainstorm your thoughts on each question in preparation for creating an outline of your multimedia presentation, including specific examples as appropriate.

State three historical lenses that could be applied to your topic and explain how each lens can be applied.Describe how one of the lenses you just identified might change how the Research Plan and Introduction you previously submitted in Project 2 are written.Discuss the conclusions you can draw from thinking about how history is told. Consider how the context of historians’ own time periods might influence or bias how they describe historical events.Describe how your research of a historical topic can help you understand contemporary issues, and try to list at least two related contemporary issuesAfter taking this course, what do you think about the statement “history repeats itself”? Do you think this is accurate? What information from the course guides you to this conclusion?Discuss your obligation as a citizen of your society to understand the history behind issues that impact you every day.

Part 2: Outline

Instructions: Create a plan for your presentation. You will need to create 10–12 slides that respond to the critical elements in the Project 3 Rubric. (If you are using Microsoft Word, your multimedia presentation should be 4–5 pages long.) The slide title suggestions are provided to help you develop your presentation. The field for slide text is a place for you to develop your ideas for your presentation’s content, drawing from Part 1. The field for slide visuals and audio ideas is a place to develop ideas for visuals and audio elements that can enhance your presentation and engage your audience. As you develop your ideas, you are encouraged to provide details as to how you will use these elements to engage your audience.

Slide TitleSlide TextSlide Visuals and Audio Ideas
Historical Lenses and History’s Value
My Topic
Three Historical Lenses
Lens 1
Lens 2
Lens 3
Historical Narrative
Our Lives
History’s Value
Does History Repeat Itself? My Opinion
Does History Repeat Itself? Evidence From the Course
Are Citizens Obligated to Know History?

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