The prostate-specific antigen (PSA)
July 11, 2019
Company X is paying an annual dividend of $1.35 and has decided to pay the same amount forever. How much should you pay for the stock
July 11, 2019

Click the link below to take a personality test, and share with your colleagues what your personality type is and what implications you think that might have on your career advancement.

NERIS Analytics Limited. (n.d.). Free personality test. Retrieved from

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After going through my personality test it showed that I am an extrovert (which I was aware of), observant, I have feelings or empathy, judging (I feel that this is good), and turbulent. With all these qualities, I feel that it works in my favor with a career advancement. I am outgoing, observant to details, am able to understand how others feel, have a good sense of judgment (whether good or bad) and turbulent that is one that self-conscious perfectionists, concerned about their abilities or about how others perceive them. I am a hard worker, team player, on time and always wanting to help on get better.

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