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February 24, 2021
How Multiple Sclerosis Affects Nervous System & Treatment Research Paper
February 24, 2021

his paper should be 1 -2 pages in length, one inch margins, double spaced, Arial,12 font.  Choose one of the speakers from our class guests.  Answer the following questions:

Why did you choose to write about this speaker? What resonated with you?
How did this speaker enhance your understanding of the topic?
Did the speaker change your views on the topic?
Include at least one outside source (other than the textbook) and tie in to your reflection.

The person i choose is – Tom Stamatelos, CPA
Tom Stamatelos is the Chief Financial Officer of TRGP Investment Partners LP. Prior to joining TRGP, Tom served as both the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer of a multi-billion dollar distressed debt fund. He has also held similar positions in high yield and global macro funds and has deep experience in finance, taxation, and operations.

Tom has an extensive history in accounting as well, having started his career in multinational accounting firms. He is also a member of the American Institute of CPAs and the New York State Society of CPAs.


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