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March 10, 2021
critical thinking assignment 100 points this week you will explain culture and cross cultural risks as well as explain culture s effect on international business provide at least one example from the kingdom of saudi arabia where cultural values have
March 10, 2021

Solutions Focused Decision Making

Assignment 2: Discussion

You are a data analyst with John and Sons Company. The company has a large number of manufacturing plants in the United States and overseas. The company plans to open a new manufacturing plant. It has to decide whether to open this plant in the United States or overseas.

What is an appropriate null hypothesis to compare the quality of the product manufactured in the overseas plants and the U.S. plants? Why? How would you choose an appropriate level of significance for your statistical test? What are the possible outcomes and limitations of your statistical test?

By Sunday, March 27, 2016, post to the Discussion Area the requested information and analysis. 



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