Beginner english course
December 14, 2017
Examine recent information on a key social issue in the U.S
December 14, 2017

Sociology in the Media
For this assignment, you will write a sociological reflection of a television show or film of your choice. You may also use music lyrics (at least 3 songs should be compared – and attach the lyrics to your paper). Below are the guidelines for your assignment:
Select a movie or television program of your choice (you may select the genre – but the program you choose should be appropriate for an academic paper).
Focus in on one specific area that we have discussed in the course. Analyze how sociology helps to inform your analysis of the film/show.
For example, you may analyze values, beliefs and culture; interaction between social groups, race and racial dynamics, social class and economic inequality, gender dynamics or gender inequality, the educational system, etc.
Issues to consider in your analysis might include: In what ways does the material studied in this course, impact your understanding of this program? What sociological concepts, ideas or theories could you apply in your analysis of the program? In what ways does the program make a statement about society and how it is organized? How does the program deal with or reflect the sociological topic that you have chosen for your analysis (e.g. culture or race or inequality)
Suggestion: Focus on the larger theme of the program. What is the main idea of the show you are analyzing? Bringing in smaller details is beneficial, but it may be best to focus on the big idea of the show/film for this paper. With that said, use details from the show as support for your ideas.
This paper should be approximately 2 -3 pages, double spaced.


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