leadership week 5
June 21, 2017
Collaborative Learning Community: Home Visit with Sallie Mae Fisher
June 21, 2017

• Identify the field of study/topic of your self-reflection paper.
• What personal biases if any may you have in working in your chosen social field?
• Evaluate your personal values. What personal value conflicts may arise in working with the population included in the chosen social work field?
• Discuss how your personal biases or values may directly impact advocacy and empowerment.
• Explain the best practice or evidenced-based practice approaches in your field of study.
• What solutions for change may you employ to help provide comprehensive social work services in your chosen field?
1. Accurate use of APA format;
2. Adequate use of proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling;
3. Content – Student’s ability to adhere to the areas outlined above to be included in the paper;
4. On time submission


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