dangers associated with polymeric fires and how these fires can ignite.
December 14, 2017
Phases of Disaster Response: briefly explain the five commonly accepted psychological phases of disaster responses
December 14, 2017

Question 1   20 pts
What is social stratification?  What is economic stratification?  Discuss the distribution of income and wealth in the United States. What does this reveal about the relationship between social classes today?
Question 2   20 pts
What do sociologist mean when they say that race is socially constructed, and not biological?  What specific examples would sociologists provide to illustrate that race is an institutional problem that has sociological significance.
Question 3   20 pts
What is gender based stratification? How do women’s experiences in the economy illustrate that gender based stratification is an issue for women in the U.S.? Based on information from the course, provide 2 explanations that sociologists might use to explain the persistence of gender inequality in the economy.


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