Plan for a HI/AIDS prevention program
January 16, 2020
WK 4 – Business Law (Legal Implications in Executive Decision Making)
January 16, 2020

To inform your thinking on this topic, begin by perusing The Stanford SPARQ Solutions Catalog. Consider the recommended readings to gain additional insight regarding the systematic application of social psychology to various fields.

Then, select an applied branch of social psychology: psychology and law/forensic psychology, military psychology, health psychology, environmental psychology, etc. Locate a peer-reviewed, empirical article (i.e., an article that describes a research study, not merely a theoretical review) written from your chosen field. Summarize the theoretical background of the issue at hand and describe research methods used to investigate this phenomenon. Explain the social variables that contribute to the thoughts, feelings, or actions under review. Generate potential applications for the insight gleaned from the article you reviewed, and interpret the application of social psychological insight to specific careers in this field.

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