Use an idea web to free associate on that moment or idea. Look for a central image to use (a story to tell, a metaphor to expand, or a symbol to focus on).
October 8, 2018
Describe potential issues or challenges you foresee in your role as a leader of change in student support programs. · Seek advice and feedback from your colleagues about how to prepare yourself professionally for addressing these issues and challenges
October 8, 2018

Create a PowerPoint presentation with 5 slides and a script to be delivered with each slide. [NOTE: 5 minutes of speaking is about 500 words (or 100 words or fewer per slide.)]
Slide 1: The HOOK. Tell what you are planning and why. Capture the minds and hearts of the investors with something dramatic and compelling. Preview the rest of the presentation.
Slide 2: Your first reason. Explain why they should invest in you. What is your story? Why do you want to do this project?
Slide 3: Your second reason. Explain why they should invest in the project. How is this project going to make a difference to others?
Slide 4: Your third reason. Save the best for last. Describe or show the possibilities of the project. Tell about your vision for the project and what it could do in the future.
Slide 5: The CLINCHER: End with a bang. This slide should really wow them. Review the important points of the presentation.
Choose an image, diagram, photo, drawing, or illustration for each slide.  Make sure that in your script you somehow connect to that image. Well-chosen images are very important. (Since this assignment will not be formally published, you do not need to cite your image sources

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