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April 25, 2021
April 25, 2021

1- Explain how writing UNIX in C made it easier to port it to new machines.

2- A directory contains the following files:

aardvark bonefish capybara dingo emu

ferret koala grunion llama hyena marmot ibex nuthatch jellyfish ostrich

porpoise quacker rabbit seahorse tuna

unicorn vicuna weasel yak zebu

* *

Which files will be listed by the command ls [abc]e?

3- What does the following Linux shell pipeline do? grep nd xyz | wc –l

4- In general, do you think daemons have higher or lower priority than interactive proc- esses? Why? 5- In every process’ entry in the task structure, the PID of the parent is stored. Why?

6-Give two examples of the advantages of relative path names over absolute ones.


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