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June 29, 2020
Human Capital and HR Systems Analysis Paper
June 29, 2020

Should you have the right to electronically disconnect from your job? With today's ever increasing digital world- employees are working more during their “off” times, outside of regular business hours. Whether it is answering emails, responding to texts or phone calls, etc. work can seem to go on 24/7. In Germany, the companies Volkswagen and BMW no longer forward email to staff from the company's servers after the end of the work day. Some firms specifically tell employees not to check email on the weekends. Besides the moral and ethical issues of “work” outside of normal business hours, what about violations of overtime and Fair Labor Standards regulations. What is work in our modern era when you are responding to your boss's texts? Workers at a variety of companies have sued for unpaid overtime for smart phone useage- calls, texts, etc. after hours. What do you think? Should this type of “work” be tracked and paid? How would you go about doing it- tracking the time, etc.? If you are a salaried employee – and not subject to overtime rules, can you still sue- should you boss expect you to respond 24/7 to their texts and emails???? [FYI- Some old fashioned law firms still expect new attorneys to be in the office on the weekends and will plant mail in their mailboxes on Sundays to check.]



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